Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Donít start chewing your nails off when you hear the mention of Buttermilk fried chicken! We are not asking you to fry the chicken dish in buttermilk. Yet, this chicken dish is being cooked by a lot of people. People do so only because of one thing Ė The taste of this dish is absolutely different from a quite a lot of other dishes. Preparing this dish is ridiculously easy as well!

In a survey of about 100 people, more than 80 said that they would love to cook Buttermilk Fried Chicken because it is not tough at all for them to cook this dish. Itís okay if you donít know how to prepare buttermilk fried chicken.

Just take a look at the simple steps given below:

Get the ingredients right

Often, the first step in cooking any dish is really critical, and the same goes for the preparation of Buttermilk fried chicken too. Assemble couple cups of buttermilk, some pepper for seasonings, salt, two cups of Crisco oil and a cup of flour. Of course, donít forget the chicken!

Mix it right

The second step for preparing Buttermilk Fried Chicken is, you guessed it right Ė Marinating! Make a mix of buttermilk, pepper and salt and add it to the chicken. Mix the entire mixture really well so that the flavors of the seasonings get on to the chicken really well. Once you mix them, go to the kitchen and get yourself a cup of coffee, as you will need to leave the mix alone for an hour to marinate well.

Draining the marinade

After the marinade settles into the chicken, you should drain it off to prevent excess salt accumulation on the chicken. Mix salt with flour and ensure you add this to the chicken. This allows the chicken to have a real good coat of flour.

Finally, fry it

And yes, you will be frying it in Crisco oil, which is considered real good for frying chicken. Put all the chicken pieces (Which by now are buttered and butter-milked), in hot oil and allow it to fry for about half an hour. Remove the covers off the frying pan and cook it for 5 more minutes. This additional cooking allows all the spices and the oil to mix well with the chicken pieces.

Thatís it then! Remove all the chicken pieces on a plate and maybe add them up with some aluminum foils for decoration. SERVE HOT, and enjoy your meal!